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  • RU486 Kit

RU486 Kit

Using RU486 Kit For Safe & Secret Pregnancy Abortion Method

In certain cases, it is observed that women in today’s lifestyle do not want to embrace motherhood because of their competitive lifestyle. At the peak of their carrier, it becomes difficult to handle with pregnancy & hence, they opt for ways for eliminating with the progression. Pregnancy is a phase which needs to be accepted by the females & this should be within a happy & zestful atmosphere.

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In case in the absence of such aspects, it becomes difficult for women to cope up with the furtherance of pregnancy & hence, it could harshly influence with their mental & physical behavior. Therefore, it is advised that females need to make consideration of medical abortion procedure which is extremely helpful & suitable for working women in order to terminate with the progression of pregnancy. Also, this method is cost- effective in nature wherein, there are some essential medicinal pills that need to be consumed by the females & this could be conducted at home too. They are extremely beneficial for the females & cause with minor side- effects after making with the consumption.

RU486 kit is one of the widely recommended abortion pill kits for women who have the need for discontinuing with their pregnancy & this medicinal kit has been utilized by large number of women on worldwide basis. These medicinal products has been clinically approved by the healthcare experts of Food & Drug Association (FDA) & thus they have been considered to be safe & influential for giving up with the progression of unwanted gestation. Such medicinal treatments need to be consumed within the first trimester of gestation i.e. after the completion of last menstrual periods of women which deals with the successful results of undergoing with medical abortion technique. These medicinal products must be considered within 9 weeks of gestation & thus would enable with correct results of medical termination of pregnancy procedure. These drug products could be readily achieved from our online pharmacy store & also from the local medical shops at cost- effective prices by the customers.

Method Of Administration: RU486 Kit

The pivotal medicinal component in RU486 kit that helps with the successful technique of medical abortion procedure is Mifeprex. This component is also known as Mifepristone that allows with restriction towards the production of female pregnancy hormone known as progesterone. With the consumption of this medicinal device, it leads for halting with the production & functioning of this female pregnancy hormone. Progesterone mainly works by distributing with the correct amounts of nutrients, blood & oxygen which reach the fetus that is located in the embryo. With the achievement of these aspects, the fetus is able to grow properly & hence, it leads for the continuation of the pregnancy stage. When progesterone does not function in the required aspect, it leads for no supply of these aspects that reach the fetus & hence, it tends to die. Mifeprex causes effective tendering of the cervix & thus, it leads for the rupturing of the support which is received from the endometrium to the fetus. Thus, the lining of the uterine wall breaks completely &therefore, it leads for the completion of the medical abortion procedure.

Misoprostol is another drug component which must be consumed along with Mifeprex & this leads for the uterine region to get contracted & therefore, it leads for the dead fetus & pregnancy tissues to get expelled completely from the uterine region. The method of removal is completed in the form of heavy bleeding & large blood clots.

Dosage & Side- Effects: RU486 Kit

Women must take note of the entire instructions that has been provided by the health managers while making incorporation of these drug treatments & thus following them in required manner would enable with proper health impacts of medical abortion procedure. It is essential that women need to make consideration of these abortion pills within 63 days of last menstrual cycle & it must be conducted in the first trimester of pregnancy which would allow with the successful results of undergoing with medical abortion procedure.

The recommended dose of RU486 kit which must be consumed by the female patients is 200mg & there must be single dose of this medicinal product that must be consumed by the females & it could be consumed with lots of water.

Moreover, if women are making consumption of Misoprostol, they must intake this drug device after 24 hours of consuming Mifeprex & the recommended dose of misoprostol is 200mcg & also women must consider with 4 medicinal pills of this abortion pill. This could be either consumed in oral manner or they could be administered through the vaginal region.

Females might suffer from slight side- effects after making with the consumption of these medicinal products & they include stomach ache, extreme chills, headache, pain in the pelvic region, etc. These must not be suffered for long period of time.

Precautionary Steps: RU486 Kit

  1. Women must keep away from the intake of alcoholic drinks & smoking of tobacco products along with the consumption of these medicinal products as it proves bad for the health maintenance of the females.
  2. Females must not make consideration of these medicinal devices if they are supporting breast- feeding since it would prove harmful for the health of the baby.
  3. If women are allergic to the ingredient of this medicinal pill, the must not make with the further intake & bring it to the notice of the health professional.
  4. Women who are already suffering from other forms of health condition must necessarily keep away from the intake of these medicinal treatments since it would not prove beneficial for their health maintenance.